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Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you will find everything you need at the Galerias Hotel. Centrally located, the Galerias provides access to the city’s business and entertainment district. Hotel amenities include business centers, conference rooms, and internet access. Guests can also relax at the swimming pool or dine at the restaurant. All rooms are equipped with the basic amenities for a comfortable stay.
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Galerias Hotel Reviews

3 Standard of room
3 Facilities
5 Quality of food
4 Service
3 Location
3 Value for Money
3.1/5Weyland from United States stayed in a Standard for 1 day. 

A business oriented hotel in a busy area. Room was small, no information about resturant in room, generally just average. Nice pool. On return trip stayed at Diego del Almargo on O'higgens and had a larger room with breakfast. This hotel is on a side street off of Bernardo O'Higgens and is probably a good location for business people but not great for tourist unless with a group with a bus.

3/5 Standard of room

3/5 Facilities

0/5 Quality of food

4/5 Service

3/5 Location

3/5 Value for Money

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