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Triton Empire Hotel places you in the middle of the attractions in Hurghada.

Part of the in-room comforts include Air conditioning, adding to the room's restful feel. The bathrooms in each guestroom have a Bathroom with bathtub/shower, in addition to other facilities. Guests have plenty of in-room entertainment options, including Cable/satellite television and Colour television.

The onsite fitness centre is ideal for your fitness requirements and ensure you stick to your routine. Guests can park at the hotel at their convenience. Straight line distance between Triton Empire Hotel and Hurgadah Airport is only 7.9 km.

Guests can use the internet at Triton Empire Hotel if they wish to surf the web. Guestrooms have internet connectivity as an added convenience.

With 84 unbiased customer reviews, Triton Empire Hotel ranks well with a rating of 4.4.
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Triton Empire Hotel Reviews

4 Standard of room
3.5 Facilities
4 Quality of food
4 Service
4.5 Location
4.5 Value for Money
4.1/5A Member from Brazil stayed in a Standard for 3 days. 

The hotel offers a great value for the money you pay. It's better though to have your own car, so you can have your meals in the area of fondeq street and new market, which are around 5 to 10 km far from the hotel, I guess. You can find this street through GPS or googlemaps). I didn't like the breakfast and, honestly, didn't try any other meal. Still, not a problem, we drove where we wanted to eat and it was perfect. I don't recommend full board, unless you're a tourist without a car or in a really budget trip. The rooms are quite clean, way better than many egyptian hotels who claim they are 4 stars. Simple furniture and very small tv (antenna had a problem - poor image), but a great space. Rooms are large and suitable. It was a good stay, the beach had a nice view. Space on the outdoor areas such as pool and beach was a problem. The hotel has so many guests for the space they offer. Still, for the price we paid, I don't believe we would have better options.

4/5 Standard of room

4/5 Facilities

2/5 Quality of food

4/5 Service

3/5 Location

5/5 Value for Money

4.9/5Jira from Thailand stayed in a Standard for 17 days. 

The security for tourist is really excellent ,very good location ,friendly staff kind and helpful i may go back again to the same hotel thank you

5/5 Standard of room

4/5 Facilities

4/5 Quality of food

5/5 Service

5/5 Location

5/5 Value for Money

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